100 Year Thai Village - Central Plain

December 20, 2022

The architecture of the houses and the lifestyle of the villagers are influenced by the geography, the climate, as well as the social aspect of each region. This reflects the wisdom of the Thai in the olden days.

100 Year Thai Village - Central Plain

The traditional Thai House in the dry season is located in lowland where soils are the most fertile. When monsoon season comes, the river will overflow, therefore the houses are elevated high to avoid the flooding. During the monsoon season the people will live on the second floor (this is shown in the central house during the flood season). While during the dry season the ground floor is used to store farming and fishing equipment.

There are rivers and canals running through the central plain therefore, the main mode of transportation is by boat. Each house will usually have pier for people to get in and out of the boat.


  1. Weave traditional fish decoration with palm leaf
  2. Try traditional Thai rice and coconut snacks
  3. Boat ride